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Natural Bridge Caverns (Near San Antonio)

Adventure #2 on our San Antonio field trip lead us about 180 feet underground as we chose to take a break from history and switch our focus to Speleology, or, the study of caves. From the Alamo, Natural Bridge Caverns is about a 33 minute drive. You can plan for a quick tour of the cave, or plan for an entire day of adventure as they have a lot to offer. Underground, Natural Bridge Caverns offers a couples of different cave tours and even VIP experiences. The tour we chose runs about 1 hour in duration, descends 180 feet below ground, and is well lit and paved but at times steep. In my opinion, it’s best to wear closed toe shoes with non-slip bottoms. Your tour guide will keep the facts flowing as he or she takes you through the cave formations, history, legends or superstitions, and more. After soaking in as many cave facts as we could, it was time to burn off some of that kiddo energy they have limitless supplies of. Above ground, you can mine for fossils or gems, eat a snack or a sweet treat, run through a maze, play corn hole, shop, or sign up to tackle a ropes course.

When you’re home, a great way to save your fun facts and memories is my favorite youngster homeschool activity, a construction paper booklet. Check out ours below. We used 'pic collage' to make an easy collage of our trip photos all on one page, allowing our 2nd grader to cut each one out and use them in her book. This gives you time to discuss what you’ve learned, practice penmanship, practice cutting/drawing/fine motor skills, practice presentation and reading skills once they’re done. PLUS, it’s also a great little keepsake to toss in their baby book or bin or photo album and makes your kiddos more excited about 'making memories' because they get to record it themselves. The best part? They’ll remember what they’ve learned when they’ve enjoyed the process with you and soon be ready for more field trips.

Ready to plan your trip? Check out

Feel free to check out some great photos from our trip on YouTube:

Also, I found a fantastic activity book for teachers all about caves and bats! Thanks to The Education Department of Evansville’s Mesmer Park Zoo & Botanical Garden. Check out this great resource here:

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