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Baking & Doughing

The beauty of homeschooling is the ‘at home’ twist you can put into some lessons. Weekly, we make sure to create some type of project, do hands - on science lessons, hit the workshops (aka the garage) or... easier... the kitchen.

While your family may not be the science or woodworking weirdos we are, I can ALMOST guarantee that the majority of my readers all have access to one thing... a kitchen. Even for my small home friends and travel trailer friends, some type of meal related project is somewhat doable for every skill level. The great thing about cooking or baking is it’s a good task for ALL ages. The kitchen isn’t just a place where kiddos can pour a bowl of cereal and toss their dishes in the sink, drain chip bags, and camp out in the fridge. Teach them how to use the kitchen and you’re teaching them to learn how to always ensure they have a meal.

With culinary lessons built in to your day or week or even month, you’re not just teaching your child ANOTHER extra curricular or elective... you’re teaching them a LIFE SKILL! You’re making memories (hopefully mostly good) of spending time in the kitchen and sitting down to enjoy your creation.

PRO TIP- ok... let me warn you... they’re going to tear up the kitchen, take forever, ruin something, and drive you nuts. It’s ok. This is when you go in READY to embrace the chaos. Guess what, if you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, this is not a good day for cooking my dear friend. This becomes more of a teach-budget-approve-doordash-quickmeal-goodsave kinda day. Maybe... you decide to film the adventure and document the chaos. Laughter is prescribed for some people, ya know, so bottle your frustration and turn it into an AFV video.

Let’s jump into the chaos. In this section I’ll provide you with some suggestions / photos of our path and then several free culinary curriculum resources for you. ALSO I am in the process of researching subscription boxes (they’re my favorite) for the kids. I will list my findings at the end of this blog. But remember, you don’t need the boxes... you can do this with what you have in the kitchen :).

Family favorites:

Personal Pizzas - you can make the dough yourself or buy a few packs from the store. Cover the table in flour, and let them work on rolling it out with a rolling pin, thick bottle, or even their hands. Set your sauce and toppings out in the middle of the table and let them create. Remember, these don’t have to be perfect. They’ll learn how they like it after a few pizza nights.

Pasta- if you don’t own an old school pasta roller, please go get one. With some flour and 4-6 eggs, the pasta possibilities are endless. It’s fresh, it cooks quickly, and the kids love making the dough AND rolling the pasta through. Watch your fingers!

Cupcakes and sugar cookies- our kids LOVE cupcakes and sugar cookies. This can be an excellent fine motor skill project as they practice piping on the icing. Check out our photos!

Eggs- well yes, eggs are our staple. Especially preparing for our chickens, I thought it was important to teach the kids how to make really any egg dish they want. Age 2, 7, and 13 all love making their eggs.

Check out our photos below or tune into our Tik Tok, Pinterest, Instagram, or You Tube!

Free Curriculum Resources (at a glance... there are just so many out there)

Also note, Teachers pay teachers had several free culinary resources. Keep in mind there are many MANY free resources out there. Feel free to post more in the comments that you love, or, just keep searching for the right one.

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