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The Missions and The Alamo of San Antonio, Texas

My family and I wanted to spend my birthday touristing San Antonio and later chasing the bluebonnets through the Hill Country. Unfortunately, the dates we adventured conflicted with school dates, and, after moving mid year, we really needed to stick with school. I decided to pursue a unit on The Alamo and the surrounding Missions, which my 7th grader was due to learn anyways. What better way to learn than hands on. My 2nd grader is still a little too young for an entire Alamo unit, however we were able to pick through a 4th grade packet (link below) and find a few worksheets for her to hunt information on. We chose to stay on the river, downtown San Antonio, and splurge a bit on food, but the cost associated with our photos and day of education was minimal. If you don’t read any further, take time to peek at our photos from the trip, if nothing else, the settings are absolutely phenomenal for photos! You can check out our trip here

The Freebee

Check out which is a fantastic website offering resources for both live learning and home educators. Their site includes a FREE 40 page workbook for 4th and 7th grade along with other worksheets. Visit for more links to lesson plans and snag your FREE printable workbooks or sort through the resources I favored for my family, below.

For touring the Missions and the Alamo

We carved out 1 solid day to walk through the Missions at our own pace, concluding our tour with pre-reserved tickets to The Alamo at 3 p.m.. Keep in mind, the Missions do not require pre-set times or tickets. The Alamo is ALSO FREE however, you must reserve your entry time via free online tickets (or in person if you’re wandering around San Antonio). If you’d like to truly enhance your trip to the Alamo, I do strongly recommend spending a few extra dollars to reserve an audio tour. The hand help device is pre loaded with a hefty amount of educational material. We invested about 2 hours touring the Alamo and taking time to understand the story, which brought our day of Free learning and amazing photo opportunities to 7 hours. The cost of the audio tour is only $7.00 per person ($6.00 for military)

Other Options

As you’ll see on the website, there are many other touring options such as Guided Tours, History Talks, and even Virtual Tours. There is a right choice for every family.

View more photo snags on:

For Fun

San Antonio, Texas has no shortage of fun outings for every age. The setting on the riverwalk is breathtaking. Feel free to walk around or snag a boat tour or taxi. From Ripley's attractions to museums, the options are numerable. Check out to plan your extracurriculars.

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