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Canyon Lake: San Antonio, Texas

One of our favorite trips the past 2 years has been our trip to tour the missions in San Antonio. If you haven't caught that blog, view it here:

and excuse the title there, I was still new to figuring out this blog back then. We've found San Antonio to be absolutely perfect with a balance of free and historical adventures as well as some of those favorite tourist attractions. Not only that, but the scenery is stunning.

But, being that sailing keeps us traveling, I wanted to share with you some of this past weekends magic to squeeze in on your next trip through the San Antonio area.

Our oldest daughter sailed this past weekend at the Canyon Lake Yacht Club, and being that I traveled with all 3 kids, we wanted to squeeze in some extra adventure during the downtime. So, we contacted this great Travel Agent I know, and had her check us into a historic Bed and Breakfast in the New Braunfels area, called the Kuebler Waldrip Haus Bed and Breakfast. Let me tell you, the staff is fantastic! We felt cared for immediately down to every detail upon arrival. Though I was fearful of being a disturbance at a B&B with a little one, and an odd morning schedule, they made sure to constantly check on our comfort and happiness and encourage the kids to play and make themselves at home throughout the trip.

The Kuebler Waldrip Haus, is a unique and beautiful step back in time, nestled on 43 beautiful acres blooming with wildflowers and wildlife. The property features 3 buildings in close proximity to each other. The main home was built in the 1870's which is where you'll enjoy a wonderful breakfast dining experience with other travelers within these gorgeous 17-21 inch thick white limestone walls. However, due to our schedule, I wasn't able to enjoy this experience in person or give you those yummy food photos. There is an antique piano in this room, and I highly encourage you to sit and play if you know how. Soak in the aesthetics of the room and really enjoy your moment back in time.

This historic house on the property is the center of the main house, surrounded by the newer additions to the home. There is also a schoolhouse on the property which was moved to the property in the 1990's. The one room schoolhouse was built in 1863, and we're hoping to stay in that or the 3rd pet friendly cottage on the property next time we travel that way.

Sometimes, where you decide to invest in and stay during your travels, makes all the difference of having a chaotic weekend or a relaxed and fulfilling weekend. Unwinding with the kids on the swings, or running the fields on the view overlook, then jumping in a hot jacuzzi bath was really just what we needed to shake the chaos of regatta weekend. For more information on the inn, history, booking information, or their blog, click here:

In addition to our stay at the Kuebler Waldrip Haus, we took some time to explore the Canyon Lake Overlook Park. The park is free, and has a beautiful overlook trail to see both Canyon Lake and the Guadaloupe River. The park is busy, so be prepared to park and walk a bit to your set up spot. There is a beach accessing the blue waters, wading in, or head down a rockier trail and find the rocks or little cliffs to jump off of into the deep waters of the lake. It's refreshing, clean, and makes for an awesome stop to cool down or cookout at. Everyone is there to relax, to smile, and to have a good time, so you'll run into like minded families during the daytime. For more information on the park, click here:

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