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Capulin Volcano, New Mexico

Leaving Amarillo, TX, we drove through New Mexico on our way to Colorado for our recent summer vacation. Just shy of 3 hours later, we found ourselves taking a much needed break at Capulin Volcano National Monument. Right here, an inactive, retired Cinder Cone volcano to safely hike around, learn about, and explore. The Crater Rim trail was a great climb to get our bodies moving mid-roadtrip. This paved trail stretches about 1 mile around the rim of the volcano, with some absolutely stunning views along the way. Of course, you should add the shorter .2 mile crater vent trail as well. For us, that was all we had time to do. However on our next pass, we will also try to add in the 1 mile Lava Flow trail, 2 mile Boca trail, and the pet friendly nature trail across from the check in center. If you find yourself traveling through New Mexico, make it over to Capulin... enjoy a picnic on a bench at the top of the rim maybe, or, at the tables by the nature center. Either way, there is plenty to explore.... and clean restrooms on a road trip are always a welcomed stop!

Educational worksheets that could accompany such a trip:

And there are SO MANY MORE! Besides, a classic quick vinegar and baking soda volcano irruption makes every kid happy. Add food coloring for a true lava flow experience!

Happy Hiking!

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