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Colmar, France, Lady Liberty, and Batholdi

The doors of the world are opening once more, and if you're like me, you're ready to jump back in to adventure. Now, this adventure for us was pre-COVID so I'm not able to update you with rules, regulations, and lifestyle changes. But I can share a little history, some materials, and some amazing photos with you that may just pull you towards booking a trip. However, if you're not able to travel no worries... there is still beneficial material to incorporate in both history and art in your homeschool... lets chat.

Now Colmar, to me, doesn't have that Parisian feel... we're traveling to North-Eastern France to a place that was once German, and still maintains Germanic and French architecture throughout the city. This beautiful place is filled with character, colors, sculptures, history and adventures. For us, the attraction that initiated curiosity was a 12 meter high replica of the Statue of Liberty that can be found standing tall in the middle of a traffic circle. Strange right?

Well, if you know Colmar and who is from there... then it makes sense. Frederic Auguste Batholdi, sculpture of our famous Statue of Liberty in New York, NY, was born in Colmar... in a home that is still on display for you to visit. Now unfortunately, our time here was short... so this trip wasn't one in which I was able to tour the museum. But this replica Lady Liberty was commissioned to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the death of Batholdi. Colmar holds a rich amount of Batholdi's work which you can roam through the city and find on display. While Batholdi held an interest and training in art (drawing, sculpting, painting, etc) what truly sparked Batholdi's interest in massive sculpting came from a trip to Egypt and Yemen in 1855. Batholdi intended to create this beautiful and massive lighthouse sculpted into the draped figure holding a torch of light... to mark the entrance of the Suez Canal. Now the commission never actually transpired... but I bet you can guess where he channeled this idea in his later works....

While vacationing, we spent only a day walking the city rather than investing in adventures. However we did find time to tour the city via the tourist train and indulge on audio tours journeying through the Unterliden Museum, ate delicacy's through the city and as always... chased a few geocaches. (The one hidden in the old brick wall is fun). Now somehow we missed many many things, but I just think we may end up exploring again one day... however there are so many amazing places to discover, who knows!

Educating your littles on the Statue of Liberty and F.A. Batholdi: Materials Below!

There are so many more resources, just google! Other ideas!

-Make your own Lady Liberty Statue using clay or playdough

Or... design a cake. Or, paint her. Or create a timeline. Or a list of fun facts.

About Batholdi... just a few sites (there are many more!)

Heading to Colmar? We recommend it! But here are a few more activity resources for you to browse.

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