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Dallas Museum of Art

Recently I was able to bring just one of my children out for a quick trip to the Dallas Art Museum. Sometimes that one on one time is the medicine you need with each of your children. They each deserve that adventure with just mom, or just dad, or even a day to themselves with just mom and dad.

Located in the heart of the Arts District in Dallas, we arrived to find an artisan market and food truck festival across the street. Parking was easily accommodated in the parking garage below the museum. Admission was Free, so really we just paid for parking, lunch, and we did chose to pay to enter their special exhibit. The museum hosted art and antiques from around the world including some of my favorite work by Piet Mondrian.

The special paid entry exhibit was interactive and kept the attention of my 9 year old. Some exhibits offered puzzles and hands on activities, and some were fully immersive allowing you to walk through and tough pieces of the art. Our favorite by far was the hall of hanging lights. We walked through turning them on and off and making designs with the bulbs.

The museum is one of the largest art museums in the USA. They've also developed several programs for adults, teens, family/homeschool, teachers, and toddlers. Two programs that I find very unique here would be the Teen Podcast program as well as the Teen Ambassador program. I love seeing their investment in the youth to procure the next generation of Art enthusiast and museum curators. More information on their programs here

Following our trip to the museum, we walked down about 3 blocks to the Moody Performance Center for a FREE 2 hour orchestra performance by the New Texas Symphony Orchestra. More information on their free season here:

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