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Dempsey Farms UPICK Strawberries: Beaufort, South Carolina

This time of year is THE time of year to get your kids outside, if you live or are visiting the southern east coast. The summers are fantastic but the temperature fluctuation, and wild blooms of flowers keep Spring as my favorite time of year. Furthermore, Spring. Means. STRAWBERRIES.

Growing up in Beaufort County, South Carolina, I can’t say I spent a lot of time on St. Helena Island for much more than the beach or a friends house. As a young Mother however, a friend suggested we go strawberry picking with the kids. After picking that year, we went home and spent the rest of our weekend canning jam to gift to family and eat throughout the year. We have not stopped since. All 3 of my children have grown up with that one day a year we spend in the strawberry field, covered in strawberry juice.

How can I twist this fun into a grade-worthy homeschool experience? While the process of canning is truly a necessary life-skill (at least for our family), there are several other strawberry related projects to check out. From naming the parts of the strawberry plant and talking about the growth cycle, to arts and crafts or yummy cooking activities, you can incorporate UPICK anything for any age into your curriculum.

First, to find out if Dempsey Farms is currently allowing UPick Strawberries, check out this link:

The Free Educational Resources:

Awesome! I see you’re ready to throw some strawberries into your curriculum this week. I’ll be waiting for photos of your family projects on my e-mail and Instagram!

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