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Fort Worth Botanical Gardens : With Kids!

Yesterday, my children and I finally had the opportunity to tour the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens, and, they did not disappoint. Now, I will say we were already hot, tired, and sweaty after a hike in Trinity River Park (across from the gardens) and some quality playtime in one of the best children's parks I can think of, 'Dream Park'.

Stickwork: We were lucky enough to visit the gardens during the Stickwork exhibit lifetime. This exhibit was created by Patrick Dougherty and is one of the more interesting areas for children to explore. I'll make sure to post a photo or two of this awesome woven stick 'huts' that the kids can hang out for a bit in.

So what's the main website?

Trails: The Fort Worth Botanical Gardens offers 120 acres to explore and wander through. The paths offer a stroller and handicap friendly path so everyone can tour. I know the garden offers golf cart tours, however I haven't participated in a tour, only self-guided with our kids. There is a fantastic boardwalk shortly into your garden tour that is just wonderful for kids offering interactive learning centers with plenty of seating and shade along the walk. The walk around the entire loop is about a 2.5 hour walk. The beauty is, you can make this longer or shorter depending on how far into the gardens you'd like to explore.

What about classes? In my time on the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens website, I was able to find links to several classes for all ages. For those with children, I found this to be the best offering of events:

From home, the FWBG offers an awesome selection of videos and lessons for children of all ages, and it's FREE! Check it out here:

ADULTS if you have some downtime and want to do a class or two, live or online, check out their offerings HERE:

There's so much more, from blog entries to publications, their website offers plenty to explore.

Now, would you like some garden based learning freebies? At a glance, I found several resources here:

more here:

So, Pack a lunch, some worksheets, a stroller and sunscreen and plan the day in the gardens. The cost for me and 3 kids age 3,8,13... $26. Not bad for a day out.

Last note: the FWBG seems to have some visual geocaches on the geocache app for you to follow. Unfortunately we followed 2 other geocaches that were shut down, and really should have followed theirs. If you like to look and find, log into your geocaching app and find the FWBG caches. Happy Gardening!

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