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Fort Worth Nature Preserve

One of the best hidden gems here in North Texas is the Fort Worth Nature Preserve. The preserve houses 3,621 protected acres through wetlands, forests, and prairies which allows for 20 beautiful miles of hiking. The preserve is home to many wild animals and certain areas are designated to protect bison & prairie dogs. The designated Bison area has a beautiful multi level viewing deck so you can hangout and watch the Bison, or get the perfect photo. We are so lucky to have one of the largest Nature Preserves in the USA, right here in Texas.

The preserve offers a variety of educational and recreational classes for all ages along with summer camps. Weekly and monthly programs include:

Pre-K reading and nature exploration groups

Spanish Immersion Hikes

Group Hikes

Bird Watching Groups

Sketching Nature

Yoga on the Boardwalk

Night Hikes (after hours)



Geocaching (with pretty fun prizes)

and more...

We try to sprinkle in sketching, yoga, and pre-k lessons throughout our homeschool. Turning our lessons over to someone else and making new friends along the way always benefits our homeschool week. Finding time to hike throughout the week is also important as we were designed to MOVE and not just sit. For the general public. you will have to purchase a daily admission ticket in addition to the class you're taking. For members, many classes are discounted or FREE!

The Nature Preserve provides a great opportunity to practice our scavenger hunt skills which (especially for my youngest) is important to help him focus on a task such as matching or reading or identifying. This also helps them learn to follow a checklist of tasks and follow through to the completion of the task. Sometimes, we will bring a ziplock back and collect samples of leaves, nuts, berries, sticks, and seeds to bring home and draw, press, paint or just keep. We introduce hands on science and let the kids explore the items we bring home.

As an educator, you can structure your weekly nature centers with any approach you'd like to, focusing on plants, science, animals, habitat, vocabulary, foreign language, art, or physical education. As most of you know, Teachers Pay Teachers is one of my favorite resources. You simply type in what you're looking for, filter by grade and by price... and as always, we filter by FREE.

Nature Preserve Website - check out the monthly activities chart for dates and details on their home page.

The Resources:

Teachers Pay Teachers FREE Nature Preserve General Worksheets

Trees and Plants FREE Worksheets

Free Ecosystems Worksheets

Ecosystems - 8th grade

Grades 7-9 Ecosystems

Looking for something else more specific? Send me a message, I can do my best to make that happen for you. Let me know the general area you live, and I'll send you what I can find.

Happy Educating,


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