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Fort Worth Science Museum

Do you have a science museum close to your home? Where we used to live... we did not. We had a couple of small children's exploration centers, but nothing on a larger scale. Moving towards the Dallas/Fort Worth area has opened so many more doors for us. Both the Fort Worth Science Museum and the Perot Science Museum are fantastic destinations to bring the kids and to learn a thing or two. Every trip is a new adventure, and if your lucky, new playmates. Both museums do have a children's center for the younger explorers which is super helpful in breaking up your day. However, I really feel the Fort Worth Science Museum has a more relaxed care-free feeling associated with them, and quite a cool set up. So, Fort Worth is the topic today:

Upstairs, you'll tour the planetarium with shows at different times throughout the day as well as many awesome exhibits. Down the hall, you have the Cattle Raisers Museum, which next to the stockyards, is a perfect extended learning experience. Maybe Cattle Raisers Museum is slightly more pleasing to us older big kids but hey... you never know what the kids want to see. I like to head upstairs first and walk through what I can while the kids still have patience. We play trivia or easy scavenger or EyeSpy games to get us through.

What's Downstairs?

Downstairs is the 'roll your sleeves up and let's play' zone. And this zone is for all ages. The museum keeps 4 classrooms, or 'studios', open with different free activities set up to learn and play. Those are: The Doodler Studio, The Designer Studio, The Imaginer Studio, and The Inventor Studio . And trust me, you can spend quite a bit of time in just these 4 studios. I'll admit, the art A/K/A Doodler room is my favorite out of all of the classrooms, and my toddler surprisingly likes to make projects with me *blessed*.

Between the studios, you'll have some hands on all ages science displays you can experiment with such as that good old Bed Of Nails and more! At the end of the studio hall, you're in for a treat exploring an awesome setup with more Universe Exploration.

Now for my son, the BEST exhibit is right around the corner outside... if you don't look for it you MIGHT MISS IT! That's the Dino dig. That's right, casted bones throughout many little dig pits are covered with sand. The kids are armed with a bucket and shovel and given no boundaries.... talk about a good time. My son can find the same dinosaur over and over and over a few more times and still be as excited as the first find! When he tires, I manage a few minutes peaking through the dinosaur hall with really great displays while he goes to 'draw' on a Dino... cool little tech exhibit they have to bring their Dino's to life on the big screen.

The finally, there's the children's play museum... equipped with a grocery store, hospital, bitty play area, restaurant, construction zone, book trolly, boat, post office and more... and like clockwork, my little guy goes through exhibit by exhibit and takes on the role of whatever job he's momentarily working.

For us, this is our favored museum. The little restaurant offers simple snacks for our kind of quick bite (and other meals as well) and the atmosphere is just far more relaxed. There is a museum school as well as homeschool outreach programs offered as well! There are perks to being a member, but entry per day should break the bank either.

Want more information? Check out their site here:

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