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Homeschooling- Not 1 size fits all

#homeschoolers : Homeschooling methods and curriculums are not a one size fits all deal. I know we all like the idea of consistency, but as a homeschooler of 3 children... that will most likely not be the case for you.

My oldest daughter was a Montessori method kiddo and then needed constant support and one on one structures through her homeschooling journey. My middle... is a self starter. She simply requires a checklist and a work packet and she gets it done. My son... is an emotional learning when things seem too difficult for him. For example... 2 letter blends... end in tears. Are the letters going to jump off the paper and hurt him or chase him? NO but for him his anxiety is at an all time high when it's time to read. So what do you do... scream? Well I want to but no. After several failed attempts for blends, we re group. Sometimes that means a nap, a face wash, a walk, or a building break. Today it was a nap. Then I typically get online and find a new supplemental work packet to begin reading in a hands on way after re grouping.

Yes we spent tons of money on our current curriculum, but by only chasing down one option, we'll spend our days anxious, frustrated, and NOT learning. Do I wish he'd conform to what I have already? sure... but is it worth a month of anger, frustration and tears? Absolutely not.

So, homeschooling friend. I just wanted to encourage you... when in doubt- CHANGE it up. That

is why you're homeschooling right? Because YOU know what is best for your child... you're one on one... and you're the one who makes the rules setting the curriculum. The goal is learning, retaining, and surviving your homeschooling experience. Your child, nor you deserve days of anger, frustration, and no progress.

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