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ICE @ the Gaylord Resort, Texas!

You may be wondering what educational field trip could come out of a day of play while touring the ICE exhibit at one of the many Gaylord Resorts. Honestly, when we first attended the festival, I blindly took my children without prior research. We looked at it as a tourist attraction, a pricey day out. When in face, this ICE exhibit (which is themed differently at every Gaylord Resort location) is actually a tribute to the Harbin Ice Festival in China. Better than just a tribute, these magnificent ice sculptures are actually created by the incredibly talented ice sculptors from Harbin, China. The sculptors work at creating life size scenes out of 2 million pounds of ice and creating specialized dyes to color the ice accordingly. In total for all resorts, 10 million pounds of ice are carved for the Gaylord's festivities and exhibits each year. These artisans arrive from 7,000 miles away along with the ice blocks which arrive in 300 pound blocks. The artisans then get to work, bringing a 20,000 square foot exhibit to life in 6 weeks.

As you walk through the exhibit, you'll be able to climb on some carvings, even play and slide down some. Be prepared for the chilly conditions, but don't worry too much. The staff will provide you with a special jacket to ensure you're warm while touring the 9* F exhibit.

Now, ICE won't be your only option while staying at the Gaylord (or visiting for a day pass). They have many other activities to keep your littles busy during the festivities. Check out their schedule for this year and find more information on booking your stay or day trip here:

Curriculum Resources:

Free Harbin Ice Festival Youtube:

Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival via Little Passports paid subscription (LP curriculum previously reviewed in our blog)

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