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Invisible Fire Extinguisher- quick science

Homeschoolers are constantly trying to juggle a schedule that can sometimes feel overwhelming. More than likely, you are interested in quick hands-on experiments that will stick in your kiddos minds, or else you wouldn’t be here reading this blog. Right? So here’s a quick one. The invisible fire extinguisher does t disappoint AND once you reach your kids, you can have them do it all by themselves.

So, what do I need? Vinegar

Baking soda

2 pitchers or clean soda bottles with the top cut off



ok, great. I have those. Tell me how this works:

It’s simple:

First, you’ll pour some vinegar into your pitcher. I used about 2 cups, which was probably excessive

Second: sprinkle in some baking soda. I used way too much as you’ll see in the overflow, so probably 1/4 cup would be a good start.

Third- let it bubble, baby. Let the bubbles rise, and then, disappear. Once your bubbles are almost gone, move to step 4.

Fourth: your going to pour the gas (not the liquid) from your vinegar/baking soda pitcher into your empty pitcher. It’s going to look like you’re pouring nothing into nothing, that’s ok and what you want. Don’t add the liquid.

Fifth: Pour out the empty pitcher over the lit flame of your burning candle. Your candle should be extinguished quickly.

The experiment took us a whopping 1 minute and 48 seconds. But for my kids, who will individually repeat the ”magic trick” for family members, the lesson will never fade. Enjoy

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