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KiwiCO TinkerCrate: Spin Art Physics

As you may know, we do love supplementing our learning adventures through subscription boxes. This month, my 8 year old jumped into her first solo build box through KiwiCo’s Tinkercrate subscription. You know, I’ve been (and will continue to be) a MEL chemistry/physics subscription box enthusiast, but I’ll say, we ALSO have grown to love KiwiCo. My 8 year old, a lego enthusiast, was able to follow each step of the build slowly, and aside from some minor assistance from me, she managed this project on her own. Her build? A Spin Art machine. Now, when I looked into the box upon arrival, I wasn’t sure if the money would be worth the time. The last thing I want is a one and done type of deal, right? Well... to my pleasant surprise we now have a permanent spin art machine in our art room which my 8 year old has decided will be for her card making projects for family and friends.

How cool is that? Who knew an 8 year old could have FUN and UNDERSTAND Centripetal Force, Momentum, Resistors.... Newton’s First Law of Motion!

Not sure yet about KiwiCo? Check out our YouTube or TikTok below.... and if you’re ready to subscribe, check out the subscription link below that!

Ready to SUBSCRIBE? Follow this link:

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