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Klyde Warren Park, Dallas, Texas

For homeschoolers, it's easy to get sucked into being home at all times. We're one parent down on income typically, as we homeschoolers are home with the kids full time. Pinching pennies is typical, growing food, homesteading, cooking and cleaning are often the 'hobbies' we pick up to make ends meet and pass on traditions. But, keeping a monthly calendar with local free activities is key to keeping all minds refreshed. Momma (or Dad).... you need a break too!


I work diligently to bring you Free activities and matching curriculum studies to assist with your homeschooling success.

Today's topic... city parks. (Not curriculum talk today)

Recently, my children, dog and I were featured models for Visit Dallas. After the photo shoot, I let the kids go crazy and get soaked in the fountains at Klyde Warren Park before settling into warm towels and hot donuts. The park is truly impressive. But of all the things that attracted me, the FREE programs definitely caught my attention. In addition to the impressive water fountains and stellar playground, the park stays booked with happenings and events. Some of those include:

Illuminated fountains at night - go ahead - let the kids get soaked.

WalkSTEM - like geocachings but with MORE information and educational learning opportunities

Piano in the park

Kids Therapeutic Music and Movement

Fitness... FREE Yoga and other fitness programs. FREE ya'll... just show up.

Salsa in the park



and so much more.

So... How do you make a day of it? It depends on you... but what we do is this.

Start the morning at a local museum (Art, History, etc) right across the street. You'll plan curriculum accordingly for that visit (feel free to visit our Dallas Art Museum blog for more ideas)

After lunch from the food trucks in the park, head to the playground for the kids to climb and unwind. There are small fountains for them to play in here, but unless they sit in them, they shouldn't end up soaked.

Now an afternoon walk tracking down some Geocaches or WalkStems... Then... you MUST end the day letting the kids get soaked in the wonderful fountains. If you stay late enough, you'll catch them illuminated with a cool light show.

Check the program schedule for the day here

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