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Little Passports: World Edition (Subscription Box #1)

Some of you mentioned the Little Passports Subscription Box for your Geography and cultural adventures with little ones. So, of course we ordered the appropriate box for our 8 year old. We received the initial box with our adventure suitcase for collectables from future boxes. The first subscription box is focused around that initial suitcase and passport. When I go to order a subscription box, my first question ALWAYS is: What do you get?

So here’s what we got:

1. A fictional story book based in Brazil

2. The suite case

3. Passport

4. Brazil themed stickers for the passport, map, suitcase, and extras

5. An Amethyst along with a printed fun fact about sourcing Amethyst in Brazil.

6. A coin collection holder for all future fun coins

7. A collector coin for Brazil

8. A letter filled with fun Brazil facts

9. A small paper workbook filled with games, puzzles (like word scrambles), and a recipe.

10. A large map of the world that we used to solve some of the word scrambles.

11. A small magnifying glass

This initial box is heavily focused on paper materials and reading. For my daughter who doesn’t always love to read, this is a good thing. It forces her to sit down and have a little quiet work time. She loves science or art or engineering because it is more hands-on. This box is different. While it is still filled with hands-on activities, everything is going to be centered around reading the book, the letter, the map, and completing activities on the worksheet.

The Price: $27.95 before any discount. Find a discount below!

The great thing: this box supplies fun facts, cultural facts, and environmental facts about your country of study. Just like ANYTHING you teach homeschooling, with a little quick planning, the sky is the limit on just how far you go into the subject matter. So. Don’t just think this is a quick box and a book on Brazil. Think of it as the START to studying Brazil.

EXTENSION! I HIGHLY suggest using the shipment box your Little Pasports kit arrived in to make a Diorama of the country you learned about. We used our own supplies + the stickers from this month’s kit representing Brazil. I really think sending a small kit to complete this kind of project each month would be an awesome enhancement to the package, but, like us, you probably have the supplies floating around your house. We used the first link listed under freebies for our printable animals. For our own supplies, we used:

The Little Passports shipment box

Little Passports Stickers

Brown paper bags

Tissue paper

Craft paint


Pipe Cleaners

Construction Paper



What else can you add to it?

Well, there are many subjects, and these are just at a glance:

The Amazon Rainforest



Portuguese language, culture, and history


Traditions and Celebrations: Carnival, Samba, Parintins Folklore Festival, and many many more



And SO much more.

Need a break? Find a documentary! Make sure the kids listen for facts. I usually pick their age for how many facts they should find.

Let’s find some FREE Educational Resources:

Favorite Diorama Resource for the Amazon:

Videos on Amazon Layers, Water Cycle, and Activities:

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