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Luckenbach, Texas and Fredericksburg, Texas

Music in the Land of the Bluebonnets

Luckenbach, Texas

Another side trip from our San Antonio tour, was through Luckenbach and Fredericksburg, Texas, during the beginning of Bluebonnet season.

The dusty town of Luckenbach is the ‘golden treasure’ of the state of Texas, so to speak. It’s a must visit if you’re in the area. Now, don’t expect the buzz of the modern day city here in Luckenbach, in fact if that’s what you love, this isn’t the trip for you. But for those of you dirt road souls who treasure unique finds, like myself, I promise you’ll fall in love with this small slice of paradise. With a population of just 3 as of 2006, and a 13 mile drive to the bigger town of Fredericksburg, Texas, Luckenbach (tiny or not) attracts visitors from all over the globe. The people are warm and welcoming, patient, not bothered with a crowd since they face one every day. The general store, standing since 1849, wears the landmark crown proudly on it’s tin covered porch, housing the U.S. Post Office sign with a service date range from 1850-1971. Inside of the autograph covered walls, sits a souvenir store with something for every budget, interest, and age. After you’re shopped out, meander through to the bar, grab a drink, and step outside to soak in a little live music. Luckenbach has become the place every back road loving historian just has to soak up.

Though we didn’t get to spend as much time as I’d like as our arrival time interfered with a toddlers much needed nap, I can promise you, we’ll be back. I’d like to thank those on staff and outside that day, for helping me celebrate my birthday and making our crazy little family feel welcomed and right at home.


I’m sure you’ll find something historically interesting to tie into your curriculum. If you cannot think of anything, maybe try to put together an illustrated historical timeline of important dates and events.

Fredericksburg, Texas

After our refreshing trip through Luckenbach, Texas, we checked into our hotel in Fredericksburg, Texas.

Now, Fredericksburg is quite rich in things to explore and of course, amazing German eats or Texas vineyards to experience. I suggest you immerse yourself into the food and fun of Fredericksburg. On our trip, food aside, we focused on the history rich content through the Pacific War Museum, as well as a little botany enthusiast tour through the wildflowers. We spent about 4 hours in the Pacific War Museum, but we are history and science enthusiasts. You can spend less time touring if you wish. In the gift-shop on the way out, my oldest grabbed a great book to read and we devised a reading plan along with a book report rubric for her to follow as she navigates the story. Now, we picked a book as a family which is more adult, however I will provide some younger options for you to sort through below. I promise, there is no shortage of educational materials on this tour.

For a direct link to this museums educational resources, follow this link


For a link to National Geographic’s interactive timeline for students, follow this link

Or, for a link to National Geographic’s Free learning resources, follow this link and filter through grade appropriate material at your convenience.

50 of the best World War II books for middle schoolers:

Finally, I hope you’ll take some time to drive the Willow City Loop while you explore Fredericksburg, Texas and it’s treasures. The drive is really quite vibrant. View our pictures below or follow our instagram or TikTok for more videos.

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