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Muenster, TX: German Festival

This past weekend, we organized our crew of kids and drove out to Muenster, Texas. The city of Muenster, Texas began about 1877 when the a German family settled and noted the fertility of the land via German periodical to several others. This lead to the official founding of Muenster in 1889. Today, the town celebrates their German heritage by entertaining thousands with their annual German Fest which takes place over a 3 day weekend in April. The city of Muenster hosts a 5K, bike races, and many musicians. The festival building hosts an inside stage frequented by German musicians and traditional German music while German dances are performed on the dance floor in front. Many venders sell goods surrounding the dance floor, both German and local as well as typical market goods. The food vendors line the far left wall of the center, offering sausages, cheeses, strudels, German beer, and so much more. Outside of the convention center, there will be more tented vendors, food/food trucks, and musicians playing mostly modern music. Across a small bridge, you'll find a fair/carnival set up for the kids. Everything (food, beverage, games and rides) functions on tickets. So, don't worry about buying too many food or ride tickets.

While soaking in the culture, smells, flavors and traditions of Germany are educational enough, there are many resources to add into your trip if you wish. Maybe you learn some simple German with your kids. Counting to ten is easily conquered, as is naming the colors or foods. As always, Teachers Pay Teachers is a great site to filter your German lesson plans based on price (I try to go with FREE)

Teachers Pay Teachers FREE German Language worksheets

German History FREE worksheets on Teachers Pay Teachers

German Culture FREE Worksheets on Teachers Pay Teachers

Germany History, Culture and more- free worksheets and lessonplans

Germany Themed Unit

German Culture FREE worksheets

So... I absolutely encourage you to get out for a day of fun and learning. Make the kids try new foods, drinks, and maybe even learn a traditional dance or two... and most of all, HAVE FUN LEARNING!

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