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New Orleans (in just a few hours)

Recently, my daughter sailed a regatta in New Orleans, LA. We didn't have time to venture out much, but what we did do was fantastic. I've always wanted to attend Mardi Gras but was afraid of the crowds and craziness. I never knew there was a calmer more family friendly version just down the road in Metairie, LA. While crowds are large, they did not feel overwhelming to us. We were not stuck behind a crowd, as the crowd is able to fan out along the length of the parade route. Don't be afraid of the statistics showing crowds of 80.000, it was really quite a fun and safe night.

You can access the 2024 schedule of Family Gras here:

The following morning we were able to squeeze in some quick sight seeing and shopping, beating most of the crowds. We journeyed over to the French Quarter for a breakfast of beignets and coffee at Cafe Du Monde. Carry cash for this adventure, they're not a card friendly restaurant but the stop is worth it. These puffy, light, extra large beignets are fully coated in a generous heap of powdered sugar, prompting a few happy coughs when you dig in. The tour busses do stop here, so I also will tell you to go before they open and be first in the line.

After your sugared up and fully caffeinated, wander down through the shops and open air markets to find some incredible street artists and unique keepsakes. Unfortunately, we did not get to stay for any tours. But I promise you next time we go, we'll update you on available tours during the day, ghost tours at night, and historic museums and chapels.

NOW! WHAT could you possibly teach to make this trip an educational trip?

New Orleans is proud of their lengthy history. There are incredible amounts of resources for lessons in any area of study for your trip. I'll list a few resources below. My suggestions to avoid getting overwhelmed are

Decide on which subjects to teach

Read over a curriculum if you chose one

Determine your childs appropriate grade level

Leave room for tours and fun (they're still learning!)

Create a small folder for each child filled with their work for the week

Play a documentary or two during your trip to or from New Orleans

Pack a large bag for those Mardi Gras Prizes... it really is raining beads

New Orleans Educational Resources

New Orleans Curriculum Planning

Mardi Gras Worksheets

These are just a few. Your options are endless. From researching history, to the art of Louisiana, to the music, the food, the celebrations, the reasons behind traditions, the math behind calculated needed beads per float and how much they cost.... you have room to move your classroom on vacation and keep the learning going! Have fun!

Keep Learning,


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