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Physics and Chemistry: The Fun Stuff

As I mentioned in the Nitty Gritty blog, we’re a hands-on homeschool. Don’t get me wrong, we go through A LOT of paperwork and worksheets as we’ve chosen to follow the Abeka curriculum (solid and full) to ensure we’re meeting our academic goals. But, when I can supplement with projects, I do. One fantastic program I’ve found is a monthly subscription box through MEL Chemistry or MEL Physics. Last year, we worked through several of the MEL Chemistry kits. This year, we’ve switched to their Physics kits. The price is fantastic, and each subscription box comes with multiple experiments. I’ll link you to our favorites as we go. Today, I wanted to share with you the MEL experience that we’ve grown to love so much. Our projects this month cover:

Turbulence - 30 minute project

Convection Cells - 30 minute project

Kalliroscope - 30 minute project

Now, if physics and chemistry aren’t speaking your language, don’t worry! MEL has it all set up for you to quickly and easily scan right to the correct project and walk through each one step by step with you.

As you can see in the photos below, the MEL team REALLY knows how to prepare and pack an organized box of educational activities. My 2nd and 7th grader complete these activities together. I designate different tasks to each child and we then discuss, in age appropriate language for each, what we’ve learned.

For a link to our Turbulence experiment, check us out on YouTube here:

For a link to our Convection Cells experiment, check us out on YouTube here:

For past activities, which I do not have an active blog for, feel free to explore these videos. Here are just a few. Now, you’ll see when we first began, I handled a lot of each process for them. As they’ve grown, they’ve become more hands on through the process and have gone from “that’s cool” to “ok here’s how it works”. I’m a little goofy in each video, but that helped get their interest and made it something fun to look forward to. Do what works for YOU.

MEL Chemistry: Sea Foam Eruption:

MEL Chemistry: Flame, Magnesium, & Solid Fuel:

MEL Chemistry: Tin Hedgehog:

MEL Chemistry: Iodine Fingerprint:

MEL Chemistry: Diffusion , Chemical Reef:

Tip: If you want to keep this on the academic record, simply record each experiment your children do and have them write a little journal entry about the process.

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