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Strawberries: Picking, Canning & Life Cycle

Spring to summer transition brings heat, humidity, and an abundance of flowers and crops. Every summer, we spend as many days as we can harvesting strawberries at a local field (as our own is too small for much more than snacking). Harvesting strawberries is a hot, sweaty, picture perfect day of work that is guaranteed to wear the littles out AND make great memories.

For my children, we focus on the life cycle of the strawberry. from seeds to fruit, flower to berry, we look for the details to refine those scientific observation skills. At home, I have them take a sketchbook out to our berry plants and draw what they see, labeling the parts of the plant and telling me where we are in the life cycle. At home after harvesting, we cut off tops, mash the berries, measure, cook, and can jelly, syrup, and preserves. This sometimes is a multi-day activity depending on the harvest, and my energy. But the season comes and goes every year and it's essential to including in our homeschooling plans while preparing them for canning and little culinary gurus in their own homes one day.

Harvesting: How much to pick? Well it's honestly up to you. We tend to do 7-8 pounds at a time. For that you should have 2 packs of medium size mason jars ready to go!

So how do you start? If you'd like to harvest berries, simply search u-pick strawberry fields near me. If you'd like to grow, grab a clear glass container and have your littles plant seeds and observe daily for a sprout!

Let's find some free resources for your curriculum!

SCIENCE SCIENCE SCIENCE one of my FAVORITES! Let's extract DNA from a strawberry:

Art: How to DRAW a strawberry:

Now some books. If you'd like to add strawberry books to your bookshelves, you can always visit your local library for free adult and childrens strawberry books. Otherwise, here's some finds:

How to CAN your OWN strawberries! This is our family tradition we will share with you:

WE use this great recipe found here:



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