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Summer Nights and Baseball Games

Ok, all you sports fanatics may like this one. Did you know, you can create an entire learning plan around that baseball game you've been wanting to go to? Tell me this too... do YOU yourself know the history and all the fun facts about baseball? For most of you, I'm sure there are a FEW things you could learn to make that game a little more rewarding. Begin with Fact and Trivia. Trivia is an essential to cognitive development, helping students retain facts and keep their brain sharp. Trivia does not need to be on rocket science here, trivia in general not only helps sharpen their cognitive skills, but helps children to think through stress, organize thoughts, and so much more. And, Trivia is just fun!

Ok let's start. We've been taking our children out to the ballgames for about 15 years now. Since our oldest was tiny, peanuts and crackerjacks made for a good wholesome night out. (Especially when the Rangers win). This past trip, I realize that even though I grew up playing baseball and going to games regularly with my Grandfather, there was a lot of history and trivia I myself did not know... which sparked a question. Are there FREE curriculum materials for kids? Could I use this trip as part of their education? The answer is, yes.

Being the Tap choreographer I have been my whole life, Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra bring the ballgame to life. Just have a little fun here

Need a cartoon video to keep the kiddos occupied for a minute? Check out this baseball history

How about basic rules?

And we always need a little Babe Ruth

Now for the trivia

There are so many. Truly so many resources. But now it's time to get you some FREE PRINTABLE RESOURCES. Here's some free printable options. I am currently using all grade K and grade 5 printable resources.

Grades 2 and 3 Reading Comprehenshion

Grades K-1 Addition:

Grades 3-5 Math Word Problems

Grades K-1 Word Sort:

Grades K-3 Baseball 10's Math

Grades 2-5 multiple meanings worksheet

Grades 5-8 Percentage Challenge

The Mystery of Babe Ruth Study Guide grades 2-4

Decimals and Word Problems Grades 4-5

Prime Numbers Grades 3-5

Fraction Conversion Grades 5-7 Baseball Card Stat Fraction Conversion

Baseball print book / coloring and read along Grades K-2

Teachers pay teachers has over 790+ FREE baseball resources. These are just a few from the top three pages. There are just so many sites. If you feel overwhelmed with planning, message me. I will see what I can make happen for you and your minis.

Until Then,

Happy Baseball Season,


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