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Tea and Kitchen Skills

I am constantly striving to be healthier in life, and encouraging my children to do the same. Being the modern American I am, it can be 'easier said than done'. One thing the changing of the seasons always encourages, is homemade 'stovetop potpourri' which doubles as a delicious and healthy tea.

I personally put my two littles in cutting gloves to ensure we don't run over to the ER mid day. But I think practicing cutting and kitchen skills is an essential lesson especially for those of us with the privilege of homeschooling. Life Skills Matter!

I set each one up with a cutting board and their age appropriate knives. Then, assign a fruit to cut! Simple!

Here's our recipe.... and trust me... the house smells delicious every time.

3-4 oranges

1 small grapefruit

1 lemon

small handful of cloves (maybe 8 or so)

1 cinnamon stick

a few shakes of ginger (as much as you'd like)

I boil my water first before tossing in the above mixture. After that I will boil for approximately 5 minutes then reduce to right below medium for about 30 minutes. After that, I simmer all day as needed. We usually cook our mixture for an hour to an hour and a half before drinking. Add honey to your cup (local if possible) and enjoy! Loaded with vitamins. This tea should NOT be ONLY made when you're sick, make it before you GET sick and enjoy! Fill yourself with vitamins friends, the changing of the seasons is upon us.

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