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The Dallas World Aquarium

Whoa! As a Mom who has taken my kids on many, MANY exciting field trips, I must say The Dallas World Aquarium will always go down as one of my absolute favorites. Seriously! What a GEM in the middle of a busy city. Even the path into the building, is carefully crafted to pull you out of the city and bring you into a new world, something out of your dreams. The entire aquarium is set up as one giant habitat, the walls are carved stone, there are natural habitats and waterfalls throughout, it's just an absolute MUST see. The aquarium focuses on the habitats of Costa Rica, Peru, Venezuela, Mexico and Brazil. So much so, I'm inviting you to my little tiny personal TikTok to check out a short snippet of our adventure. Check it out here!

While you may get lost in a leisurely day through the exhibits, you can also go in with an itinerary to get the most learning experience from the visit. The link to the live chat and feeding schedule is here: and I've got to say, I truly appreciate the lack of overlapping time on the schedule. While you may be busy pushing from one chat to the next, it is possible to make it to all! However, make sure to check the site first to be sure the talks are on for the day of your visit. Don't worry, if there are no talks and feedings, you're still going to have a WONDERFUL experience at this aquarium. Tickets may be a little more than a trip to the zoo, but I don't think you'll regret it. Check out the ticket link to plan, here:

For me, teaching rainforest based lessons has always been an exciting lesson plan for us. There are so many accessible tools for every age. From allowing the kids to tune into a documentary on the Disney app to the beautiful colorful artwork that reflects what they've learned from the documentary, these usually turn into keepsake projects for our family. And even better, if you go ahead and check out my blog on subscription boxes, one of the first packages with "Little Passports" subscription boxes is specifically on South America. We were sure to read our book, make the recipes, and even turn the packaging box into a rainforest!

OK let's jump into the lesson plan ideas. First, for our quick blog review of 'Little Passports' subscription box to help you with this specific Brazil lesson plan, click here:

Other ideas!

Worksheets, projects, read alongs, and more! :

SO many amazing worksheets and answer keys:

And this is just the start. Your rainforest curriculum can be 100% free and allow you the extra $$ to head out on a field trip like this. Check out the exhibits online, hunt for some freebie curriculum ideas to tie into the trip, and plan the day out. Wrap up the week with activities, art projects, and documentaries... I promise your kiddos will remember a few great Rainforest facts after all of this.

Happy Travels,


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