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The Fort Worth Zoo & Stockyards

There really is no limit to how much you and your children can learn at each destination, or what you decide to study. Zoo’s, aquariums, nature centers, museums, historical centers, and garden’s are high on my list of ‘to visit’ every chance we get. We believe in purchasing memberships for those places that are close enough to visit more than twice a year. There is NO GREATER LUXERY when homeschooling than changing the path of the day when things are all wrong. When the day just sucks (because even Mary Poppins had a bad day or two) you can hop in your car, take a short drive, and walk around a zoo without spending an unplanned dime from your account. If you find yourself in Texas, I highly recommend spending time in Fort Worth. Two places high on our every day travel are the Fort Worth Zoo as well as the Fort Worth Stockyards.

The Fort Worth Zoo

Zoo’s are incredible outdoor classrooms. Each exhibit is a world of exploration as each species has more information available on the internet than I could even BEGIN to list. As I said before, I am a huge fan of unplanned trips on tough days, as well as season passes to help out that checkbook a bit. The Fort Worth Zoo facilities are so well done I would call it more of an amusement park. Though there are only two rides (a train and a carousel) the decor will bring your mind far from the city. If you’ve ever been to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, you may notice some similarities in the decorations paying tribute to the states, countries, and continents of the exhibits domestic homeland. Being a former set designer in my last life chapter, I can’t tell you how important the decor of a setting is to me. After paying for entry, I want my mind to leave the stress of the norm behind, I want that unforgettable experience. As more exhibits are in construction currently, I wanted to point out a few hands on experiences to aim for. Feeding the giraffes, feeding the stingrays, the petting zoo in Texas Wild, and feeding the birds is always a hit. We absolutely have to spend time doing each of these things on every occasion or we’ll never hear the end of it from the kids. Try to not rush through. If they seem to really enjoy a certain animal, encourage them to watch them for a few minutes. Maybe you can luck out and ask a zookeeper about their lifestyles and habits. Be sure to check out everything they have to offer under their ‘education’ tab for more information on career day or animal outreach programs.

For Tickets or Memberships, click here:

The Fort Worth Zoo also offers exclusive homeschooling and preschool classes throughout the year, along with other informative experiences. For more information on the classes and camps, follow this link:

For Adoption packages (as low as $25.00), follow this link to check out general or baby animals available for adoption:

Activities and Educational Resources

For the older children, I highly recommend letting them use their phone or device to take photos and videos, then making either a power point presentation or writing an essay on their animal of choice. For the younger children, as I’ve suggested in our Cave exploration, I really think construction paper booklets are not only a fun project but an awesome way to capture memories.

Absolutely amazing zoo and aquarium FREE lesson plans:

San Diego Zoo FREE lesson plans:

Association of Zoo’s and Aquarium’s:

Though these are just a few quick resources, I feel they’ll give you plenty of supplementary materials along the way. There are so many resources, explore as many as you have time for, and feel free to share! Don’t forget, have FUN with homeschooling. Tie in whatever your strengths are into your zoo trip to help make the trip truly memorable and educational.

Check out our photos below or follow us on Tik Tok, Pinterest, or Instagram for more photos and videos!

Fort Worth Zoo Giraffes:

Fort Worth Zoo Reptiles:

The Fort Worth Stockyards

From the 1860’s, Fort Worth gained the “Cowtown” nickname through the millions of cattle traveling through. With the help of the expansion of travel and shipping via railroad, a wealthy investor, and construction decisions based on coin tosses, the Fort Worth Stockyards eventually became known as “The Wall Street of the West”. There’s been no shortage of historical happenings here, my friends. While I encourage a walking tour with your local historian, take some time to soak in the fun while your there.

Getting there, you can travel by car OR head to Grapevine, Texas and travel via train through a great western adventure down to stockyards station. More information here:

Some fun things to do:

Fort Worth Herd Cattle Drive: Every day at 11:30 and 4:00 p.m the longhorns parade through the middle of the street. This is FREE, and an absolute must see!

Cowtown Coliseum: A rodeo in the heart of cowtown? Yes, please!

More FREE Goodies:

For more history, check out this Stockyards link:

Of course, these are just a quick FEW of the many Free activities to enrich your trip to the Fort Worth Stockyards. Feel free to peek through some photos below, or follow us on Tik Tok, Pinterest, or Instagram for more footage. We’ll be adding to it every chance we get.

Happy exploring!

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